Profile Grinding Irregular Wheel Wear


Profile grinding of weld joint

R.L.C., Inc. was founded in 1987 by Richard L. Carpenter. The company was started with the sole business purpose of specializing in floor rail welding and installation.  Over these past 25 years, R.L.C., Inc. has become recognized as the leading authority in the industry for floor rail installation, replacement and maintenance. We have produced over 20,000 thermite welds , predominately in the AS/RS industry. We have aslo produced welds for the Rail Industry, Overhead Crane rail applications and stacker systems in the lumber and pulp wood industries. R.L.C., Inc. is located in Pleasanton, Kansas and has completed work throughout the continental United States  in every state of the Union. R.L.C., Inc. has also performed contracts in Canada, Mexico, Argentina and China. ​

Over 25 Years Servicing the ASRS Industry

What R.L.C., Inc. offers:

  • ​S/RM Mechanical Installation and Replacement
  • Mechanical Conveyor Installation and Replacement
  • Upper Guide Rail Installation and Replacement
  • Mechanical Conductor Bar Installation and Replacement

  • Complete Turnkey Rail Installation​ and Replacement

​         R.L.C., Inc. specializes in Turnkey installation or replacement by replacing any and all components associated          with a floor rail system. We complete AS/RS on-ground floor rail systems and overhead rail systems.

  • Partial Rail Replacement

​         R.L.C., Inc. can replace the rail on your existing floor rail system, or partial repair as needed. While retaining              and reusing the existing components/hardware that are still salvageable and reusable.

  • Preventative Maintenance

​        Proper floor rail maintenance is a critical factor contributing to a reliable Automated Storage and Retrieval                 System. As part of our maintenance program we perform the following: A visual inspection of the rail and rail            components for unusual rail wear or damage. A random bolt torque check in each aisle. Profile grinding at any          location on the running surface to help remove irregularities. Random rail wear measurements and brinell                  hardness tests. Upon completion a detailed report will be provided outlining our findings and                                        recommendations.




Profile grinding top corrugation