AS/RS Rail Maintenance

Proper floor rail maintenance is a critical factor contributing to a reliable Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS). When floor rail is installed, care is taken to see that the rail is level and straight, thermite welded joints are ground smooth, and anchor bolts are properly torqued.

As with the maintenance of any machine, keeping rail in good shape does not happen by itself. Time has proven that a faithful preventive maintenance program is the most cost-effective strategy an owner can employ.

Rail damage can be identified or prevented through regular inspections by maintenance personnel. The following items should be checked during each inspection

R.L.C., Inc. excels in providing timely programmed inspections for any AS/RS rail system, new or old. Our experienced personnel are equipped with the tools and knowledge to audit and perform any maintenance your AS/RS system may require. Depending on your needs, RLC can provide the following services:
• Visual rail inspection
• Identify problem areas
• Precision profile grinding of all joints to tolerance and smoothing of any irregularities that may have formed.
• Advise corrective measures that are not only realistic for your facility and system but economical as well.

Contact us today to discuss your maintenance needs. We can schedule a one-time visit or set up a recurring maintenance check based on your system requirements.