Over 2,300 projects in more than 36 years!

R.L.C., Inc. has performed over 2,300 individual projects throughout our 36 years, with a client list that closely follows the Fortune 500 list.

We have performed contracts ranging from a few thousand dollars to over a million dollars. We normally work turn-key projects but have performed many unit price contracts, hourly contracts and cost-plus contracts. We prefer to provide fixed price proposals and perform a turn-key installation with our own crews for complete control of the total installation with trained professional installers.

This controls perfection of the installation as well as timing of the installation to meet the customers requirements. We take extreme pride in our outstanding record in meeting and exceeding the customer’s requirements and expectations for job completion and scheduling.

We maintain a fairly sizable material inventory of rail, weld kits, rail hardware, anchor bolts, grouts and other material to service our customers and meet emergency requirements.